Adding Shader Artworks?


first of all - I’m very excited to be running Openframe! Great project. Loving the shaders.

My question is: how do I add a shader artwork? I tried pointing to a Shadertoy URL (e.g., but that gives an error on pushing.


  • Felix Turner

Hey Felix, glad you’re enjoying Openframe!

As of right now, the shaders that can be run on Openframe must be compatible with glslViewer, since that’s the utility that we’re using on the Pi to run the shaders. The easiest way is to write shaders using The Book of Shaders online editor, which let’s you save shaders directly to your Openframe collection, and push from there. (I should say, I’m not very knowledgable about shaders… the shader support that Openframe has currently is 100% thanks to Patricio, the author of The Book of Shaders and glslViewer.)

So right now, shaders from shadertoy won’t run without some porting (which at least one person has done successfully), though we’d love to support a wider variety of shader artwork in the future!

OK thanks! I added a note in the User Guide.

Hi … So I’ve got openframe up and running and a monitor at a framing shop getting framed.

Wanted to follow up on the comment about porting shaders from ShaderToy to The Book Of Shaders. There are some really cool shaders over at ShaderToy (like this one Would be great to have some info on what it takes to port it over.

OK, back to reading about shaders. :slight_smile: