Any "self-contained" hardware solutions including casing?


Thank you for such an interesting project, this is exactly what I was hoping to find. I’d like to set an Openframe up and gift it to a friend. If it was for myself, I’d be content taping an RPi to a screen, but I’d like my gift to be more “self-contained”.

Is there any hardware solution you’d recommend that includes a casing? Any easily-openframeable proprietary product? I don’t mind hacking around in software, but designing and assembling a casing is beyond my skills at the moment.


Welcome, Tim.

There are several cases available for Raspberry Pis and smaller touchscreens (7"). They also come as a bundle. But make sure to get one with an HDMI screen, otherwise, you might run into issues. Openframe is not well tested without HDMI.

I’m not aware of any ready-made solutions with larger screens.

In any case, I recommend trying out the software before investing a lot into hardware to make sure it does what you expect. It’s not always plug-and-play at the moment.