Aspect ratio of artwork on 16:9 TV display trims tall images

Hi I just set up my first frame and everything is working well exept the display does not show the whole image for a sqaure (1:1) png file. The top and bottom are cut off and the image is fit to the width of the 16:9 TV.

How can I have the images “fit” the display area to not cut off images that do not have dimensions identical to the display?

Thanks in advance, this project is great!

Ok, I have found that the openframe-images extension defaults to “fill” and has support for “fit” and “stetch” under “aspect-mode” configuration.

Problem for me is, how do I edit this configuration to set as “fit”? I have figured out how to use the API but cannot find the appropriate place to make this change from “fill” to “fit”.

The code for this can be viewed here: Openframe-Image/extension.js at master · OpenframeProject/Openframe-Image · GitHub

Each artwork has an optional "options" : {} property. I haven’t tried this myself, but it looks like adding options : { '--aspect-mode': 'fit' } to the artwork should work.

The artwork stream / UI doesn’t support setting this property yet. Therefore you have to use the API directly. If you haven’t seen this yet, I recommend checking out the API explorer which allows making direct changes via the API.