Autoboot not really working

So I want to start openframe on boot. I’ve tried lots of manual methods like changing crontab, copying to /etc/init.d and updating the init daemon.
And added as the last line of .bashrc the first two don’t do anything. Modifying .bashrc causes openframe to start when I open up a terminal NOT on boot. Sooo I gave up with the manual methods and figured I’d reset the frame “openframe -r” and start from scratch…that seems to just modify .bashrc and behaves the same as the manual method it only starts openfram when I openup a terminal window.

Any clues? I suspect the raspberry behavior may have changed?


(PS I did not remove the old frame from the web app …I figure this is a raspberry issue and don’t see why that should matter)

Could be a change in Raspbian, I haven’t done a fresh install in quite a while and there were a couple other issues reported recently.

Do you have your Pi setup up to boot to console and to auto-login? (Step 2 here.) This is required in order for Openframe to autoboot, since it does so as part of the .bashrc execution, as you probably saw…

Hmmm that might be it didn’t do that…in the mean time I seem to have hosed it all up can’t even run openframe correctly…think I gotta wipe my raspberry and start it all from scratch…FUN ;-(

Well you were right (as usual) had to boot to console and autologin…now works like a champ on reboot. After the wipe and reinstall an issue I was having with it hanging a lot might have disappeared also (hopefully) …when communication is interrupted to the frame it says retrying but it just hung (this happened a lot…less so now…will see how long it lasts) …anyway here’s a pic of the monster just for fun! The whole point being more ways to display pix of grandson :wink:

Oh good! That’s a nice big frame for grandson photos :D.

Regarding the communication being interrupted — we’ve found that a strong WiFi signal makes a difference, with an ethernet cable being better yet. Not sure if that’s a possibility for you (it obviously adds another cable to run, which is less than ideal).