Bulk uploading?

While we’re on a roll … any thoughts on how one could bulk upload artwork. For example point to a web directory filled with photos and those all magically upload to the frame? Doing them individually is painful.

As you might imagine, this is something that’s come up in the past. It would definitely be possible to write a script that hits the openframe API to accomplish this, but I’m not aware of anyone that’s done it.

Since the API stores a record for each individual Artwork and each Artwork needs to have a web-accessible URL (nothing is stored on the Openframe servers), the way I’d imagine this working is that the script would loop through the photos (e.g.) in a directory and create an Artwork via the API for each of the desired files.

Another option would be to create an “format extension” that expects a URL to a web directory and can handle all of the logic for displaying whatever is in the directory. E.g. you might be able to create an “photo-directory” extension that expects a URL to a directory of photos and then manages looping through them on some interval. The extension could use fim, which is an cli image viewer that has some built-in slideshow functionality. (An earlier version of the openframe-image extension used fim).

Hmmm complicated…wlll have to mull on it and probably punt for a bit :wink: thanks for the info!