Clean up public stream

It seems like there is quite a bit of offline content in the public stream and it could do with a cleanup. This is not only annoying but was also confusing me as a new user since a lot of the times I tried to load some content it didn’t work for that reason and there is no feedback.

I guess this could either be done manually since the amount of content is still small enough.

Another way would be to have the website or server check the content URLs. If they are offline they should be marked as offline and the content creator should be notified via email.

It could also be good to show the URL of the content. That way the user could at least manually check if the URL is still good.

What do you guy think?

I can imagine some of this could be relatively easily implemented. Can someone please point out in what packages this would have to be done?


Hmm, yeah. We could probably run a scheduled task that would look for missing artwork files and either mark or remove them from the stream and notify their author. Not too complicated, if anyone wants to work on something like that it would happen in the Openframe-APIServer repo. Probably could be an admin authorized endpoint that gets hit via cron?

Yes! This would be great … thanks

I like the idea of removing them from the stream instead of marking them. That way the streams would appear much cleaner. I assume that would mean to remove them from all “liked” collections of other users as well? In case the author updates the URL they could reappear automatically.

I’ve briefly looked into this. It seems like there are too many components I don’t know yet. Unfortunately, I think I won’t be of much help here.

I’ve done some work on this:

The result of a quick check:

293/324 artworks available
31/324 artworks unavailable
283/324 thumbnails available

Artwork type counts:
openframe-glslviewer: 189
openframe-image: 82
openframe-website: 13
openframe-video: 5
openframe-of: 2
openframe-processing: 2

Duplicate artwork URLs: 2 2 2 2