Directory/list of screens used with


I was wondering if anyone had a list of displays used with Openframe. I know that the project is device agnostic by design but figured maybe it would benefit folks looking for a quality HDMI display. Thanks!

We’ve built a handful of frames with a variety of displays. Here are a couple, to start:

  • touchscreen from Raspberry Pi
  • Not HD, plugs directly into the Display Connector of the Pi (not HDMI)
  • Does not require overscan adjustment
  • Can be powered along with the Pi via single source, which is convenient
  • 17" Dell 1707FPT DVI LCD Monitor
  • Not HD, requires DVI->HDMI adaptor to connect to Pi
  • May require overscan adjustment
  • Easy to extract LCD from case without damage
  • Easy/cheap to find these days (we got a bunch from a dumpster)
    The HD monitors we’ve used I don’t have details on at the moment… one was a dell, one LG, one larger Samsung(?)… will add later.

A couple more options…

This $99 bare-bones monitor from HP worked well for us recently. It’s a fairly slim profile, but an L-shaped HDMI connector is recommended since the input faces strait out the back, not towards the bottom.

Also, this $139 raw LCD screen from Chalkboard Electronics is intriguing. It’s small at 10", but looks kinda perfect for integrating into an frame.