Display captions with author and title

It would be great to be able to display the author and title as a caption to the artwork as a tribute to the author and information to the viewer. Ideally, to be enabled/disabled from the web app.

I assume it requires rendering a second layer with text on top of the content layer. Is that problematic or can it easily be done for all content types?

Since each artwork format is entirely independent, it would not be easy to do in a universal way. That said, the experimental slideshow extension I made was designed to show artwork credits on a secondary screen using the web app and a bookmarklet:



Cool idea with the second screen. :slight_smile:

I understand that it is complicated but I think it is important to have an option for credits on the screen. This would probably be the minimum requirement I would want to see before uploading my artwork.

How about some visual design guidelines the extension devs could use? With that, hopefully the credits would be displayed in the same way across all artwork formats.