Error: The server is not available


Noob question, sorry. I’ve installed Openframe on my Raspberry Pi 3

but keep getting the message “server is not available” displayed when I run the command Openframe. I noticed on installation I get a few warnings of things that have not been able to install correctly (see attached pic). Can you please direct to where I can get a workaround and get the app to work?



Same. Openframe user for several years (daily) and it just stopped working two days ago. Thought it was a card glitch, so I reimaged and still nothing. Pinged a couple addresses and got returns, but launching openframe from the command line gives a server error.

Any thoughts from the devs?


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Anybody? Nobody else is having this issue?

same here. Looks like I picked the wrong point in time to try out Openframe…

Took out of wall yesterday for maintenance and can’t get it to work again.
Re installed everything and now get offline error.

That’s a shame, it was a great project. I’ll keep checking here because I’d like to keep what was working well, but if it’s not up in a few days, I’ll move to another app. I’ve spotted a couple others that will work after a rebuild.

Same problem/error here for the last 2 days.
New install and got stuck at the end with the “server not available” error.
I tried with both a Pi3 and a Pi4, same result.
Desktop and command line.
Any ideas?

Which other app did you find? thx