Experiences building/buying a metal frame

@sapnho I’ve seen you have a guide on building a digital picture frame based on Raspberry Pi including some instructions to build a nice metal frame for the monitor. This is great! Thanks for that.

… you even went as far as cracking up your walls. That’s dedication. :raised_hands:

modern look with a simple black anodized metal frame only.

I would probably not recommend a metal frame anymore (although they look marvelous) because it seems to reduce the signal quality of the wifi module slightly, but this depends on how much space you have between the frame and the wall. It works fine in my current setting with the Raspberry Pi 3+; the older Raspberry Pi 2 B showed occasional wifi outages.

Have you done any Wifi tests using the Pi4 and a metal frame? Because, I think the frame looks pretty cool.

Also, may I ask where you have found this frame (I’m living in Germany too) and how much it was? Like you, I found it pretty hard to find frames that fit. Even frame makers were a bit overwhelmed with my request. Monitors need very different frame designs to physical artwork as they are thick, heavy and have large areas at the sides to cover and I am not a huge fan of passe-partout in digital frames. Some of those frame makers gave up after a long time discussing the topic and said, it’s better if I tried this myself as it would become ridiculously expensive.

I’ve ended up making my own frame. I still want to paint the front black and hope that turns out well. I love the wooden sides though. I guess for me ideally a frame would have wooden sides and a black metal front.


Hi Jerry, glad you like it! What I did is I took the barebone display to https://www.art-more.de/ (near Frankfurt) and told the owner to make me a frame in these dimensions. I don’t recall exactly how much it was but not more than €100 if I remember correctly.

The Pi3 Wifi works fine on my frame because we have strong wifi in the house but my sister who has the same model has issues. But that may be due to something else.

BTW, your wooden frame looks stunning. I would leave it as natural as it is but that obviously depends on the whole setting where you are going to put it up.

Thanks for the info and link. This is really good to know. I really like how slim your frame is. I might do the same for another one later on.

Thanks for your compliment on my frame. Yeah, I kind of like the combination of the two wood types too, but I think the wood structure is distracting too much from the content on the monitor for my taste. I’m going to make some tests with that wood type first. I’ve tried it once, and the wood was not absorbing the colour evenly, so the wood texture came out a lot. I want to see if that’s something I’m going to like.

I’m planning on using oil on the sides too, but want to make a test first too.

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