GUI for extensions

Is it possible to add a GUI to an extension in order to control it? Eg. to adjust the duration of the content in the slideshow extension. Or if there was a Instagram/Twitter/etc. extension it would be possible to set the account it is retrieving the content from.
It would be nice to have the GUI sitting in the web app.


This would be cool, and it’s something we’ve talked about since we first started planning the extension system. Extensions can define settings, which currently are only adjustable via the API — it wouldn’t be a huge stretch to dynamically build a GUI in the web app based on the settings for each extension. Would just need to find time to build it :D…

Please. This would be amazing! :slight_smile:

I have been working on a chromium/node app similar to openframe. I like openframe’s lightweight client architecture, I needed something that didnt need WAN and is a bit more feature rich.

It is not ready for a release but it might be something you may be interested in. I will update this forum.

Sounds good Adrian. Looking forward to it.

@Jonathan, could you please elaborate on this a bit more? I might be able to find someone who might be able to help out if what to do is layed out more in detail.

Also in the meantime, how did you guys configure artworks so far? Do you have another tool or were you sending requests to the API on the command line?

Is this feature the config property described in Openframe-Video? If that’s right, I would use this in the Processing extensions and other ones I have planned.

It would already help a lot to be able to manually add a JSON string with the property object in the artwork form.