How to fix off colors on Memento smartframe?

Hi- I’m another orphaned 35” owner. I’ve got the latest firmware and my iPhone and my Mac with the management app and all still seems good… EXCEPT the colors are off (purple) for I think is pure white or very bright colors. I’m trying to figure it out. Any thoughts on what that is? Would replacing the inverter or T-con board fix?

Here’s another example:

Hi @Stskidmore,

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To your question. I’ve seen this kind of problem with faulty panels and faulty display cables before. But it could be something else of course.

When did the problem start? Did you change anything? Did the unit got some physical impact?

It sounds a bit foolish, but you could try to wiggle the white display cable on the inside of the Memento and see if it changes.

Thanks Jerry! There is definitely a lot going on in that thread! It literally was just hanging on my wall and one day I walked by and noticed the issue. This was months ago and when I called the company they seemed to think its the LED panel itself and offered to sell me one at cost for $700. I said no thanks. :slight_smile: During this shut in, and looking for a project, I decided to start researching the issue and came across the open frame Memento thread. I haven’t even opened it up yet.

Wow, $700. :open_mouth:

Unfortunately, it sounds like they could be right. I recommend, opening it up and do the wiggling. If that doesn’t change it, I don’t know what else you can do. I’m not an expert on this field though.

This post mentiones the exact panel type of the Memento – InnoLux V400DK1-KE7. Maybe you could buy it elsewhere for cheaper or buy a used Memento for spare parts?

Today I took the back off and unplugged and reseated the ribbon cables. Didn’t help. BUT what I did try is playing with the saturation, exposure, and brightness in the iPhone app. I dropped the exposure and saturation almost to the bottom and then I brought the brightness up (in a different menu for some reason.)

It looks A LOT better. Maybe in a few weeks/months I’ll be back to having the issue, but for now I can enjoy it!

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Glad you found a solution for the meantime. Thanks for reporting back.