Install trial and tribulation..Hey it works! .. and is there a slideshow extension?

Long story short I got openframe to work and it’s freaking cool! thanks for all the hard work putting it together.
A couple of minor problems with the install:

Installed openframe on rasberry pi B+ all is well no complaints.

Go to website create account and upload some pics…or push existing pics from other people to the frame (which is recognized)

get glslViewer libGLSL not found (something close to that) on google via some googling found advice on installing glslViewer at:

I wound up recompiling from source and had to manually move the final executable to where existing openframe stuff expected it /usr/local/bin

then tried to display and got different weird error which turned out that gpu is only allocated 64Mb by default way too small so go follow these instructions:

to bump up GPU memory to 512 and images still did not appear! My images were too large…but others did appear. Mine were way too large…shrunk them down and all is well!

Hope this helps others…and I thought I saw that someone was working on a slideshow type extension…but can’t see to find one out there…seems hard to belive

that one is not around? Is there all I want to too is create a simple slideshow…any pointers? Would be nicer to define as a playlist kindof like ElectricObjects does if anyone familiar with their app/hardware.


Hey Sandy! Thanks very much for the feedback. We haven’t been actively working on Openframe for a year or so, but do hope to get back to it if/when I have time…

The glslViewer issue might have been due to using the pi B+, depending on the operating system. If I remember correctly, we switched to using the glslViewer package from apt-get, but I’m not sure which rasbpian repos it’s included in. Glad you figured out the manual install.

The gpu memory issue is a known one, though I’m not sure it ever made it’s way into the docs. Ideally we’d update the installer to set that automatically, and put up some guidelines around ideal image sizes…

Regarding the slideshow, I did create a quick example version of this a while back. No docs, and I’m not sure it’s working with the latest version of openframe, but you could give it a try… or if you’re up for it, take a look at the code and see if you can modify it to make it work for your use case!



Well get back to openframe…the world needs it! :wink:
Thanks your slideshow extension should be a great starting place hopefully I can hack it to work…thanks!