Move forum to different platform

Google groups feel like a dying dinosaur. Shall we move to a different platform?

E.g. which is open source and used e.g. by the Processing foundation and vvvv community.

I’d be happy to set it up.

Yep, go for it!

Would it be possible to set it up on the Openframe server?

Also, I just realised that Discourse requires Docker:

I’ve never used Docker but there is an installation guide. Unfortunately, my web provider doesn’t support docker so I can’t offer to host it on my server.

The forum deleted two of my posts without my intention a few days ago. They were then sent via email about three days later instead of being sent immediately. Google Groups seems to have a problem. I’ve started to transfer most of my conversation to Github until we’ve got a better tool here.

Jonathan Wohl told me my messages needed to be reviewed first since they had attachments and were never deleted.

Anyway, we figured Discourse offers free accounts to some open source projects. This is the form to apply for this free plan:

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Nice to see this forum – it looks good. :clap:

I’ve been contributing, then moderating, then administering on the Processing forums for a number of years now at , and the recent move back to Discourse has worked really well for that community. It is only in the last half-year or so that we have really settled in and started using tags, code embeds, and the (brand-new) code copy button – all nice features if you need them and aren’t already enabling them.

Thanks, @jeremydouglass. Yeah, I’m really pleased with it too. Took a few attempts to do the import but it finally all worked out and I’m glad we have all of the old posts in here too.
:clap: Thanks to Discourse for hosting this forum for us for free!

We are already using tags. I’ve tried to sort the existing topics like that a bit and hope the way I’ve done it makes sense and is helpful in the future.

Thanks for pointing out the other features too. I found the copy button setting and turned it on. But I’m not sure what you mean by code embeds?

Great, @Jerry.

I meant allowing users to use the “embed” button from various creative coding sites like codepen, openprocessing, trinket, glitch, etc. to display code art. Here is a recent discussion with examples on the Processing forum:

Because those site embeds are done with iframes, you configure this in discourse with Settings > Security > allowed iframes :

Although this is primarily a platform / hardware forum, this might be useful for showcasing in e.g. #artwork or for embedding live examples of problem sketches that cause slowdown or crashing, e.g. in threads like this: 🙌 Working: Raspberry Pi 3B + Raspian Buster + USB Multitouch

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Thanks, @jeremydouglass. That’s great. I’ve added all of your list. :grinning: