Openframe and alexa

Has anyone installed both the Amazon Alexa and Openframe on the same Pi? I’m thinking it would be a better system instead of timers to turn the Openframe on and off when I get home.


That’s definitely an interesting idea! Haven’t heard of anyone trying it, but I’d be quite interested to see it work!


That is a great idea of course I took the quick and dirty way out and plugged the whole thing into an alexa controlled plug device :wink:

Ha, that’s also a good (and much simpler) solution!

I’m going to work on it this week and will report back … I used to be a software engineer, but took a brief 14 year break when I had a bit of a life crisis (and decided to become a yoga teacher / YouTuber instead), but for some reason I’ve been wanting to get coding again and this seems like a good project to (re)learn on. Have a few other ideas I want to toy around with too … now if that Raspberry Pi I ordered in the mail would hurry up and come.

Cool, looking forward to hearing how it goes! Good luck!