Pi zero .. it works

I thought I saw someone asking about openframe working on a pi zero … just got a pi zero w and it does indeed work! It is excruciatingly slow installing everything BUT it does indeed work shockingly well. On one of my TV’s the HDMI signal seems too weak and it blanks out every 2 or 3 seconds…you can adjust the signal strength in the config.txt file on the pi but it doesn’t help. openframe on the pizero even plays videos! Twas shocked :wink: I installed the openframe-slideshow and uninstalled the openframe-website (to save memory…just hypothosizing) and it works just fine. I think it doesn’t really make sense to do this unless your going to sell mass quantities of something the development time on it and everything on it is just much slower then the raspberry B3 …of course it’s just cool that it just works.