Processing extension

I’ve started some work on the Processing extension. So far I’ve mostly done a working fix but would like to make some further improvements.

I have not tested to do a fresh installation yet, but in case you like to give it a shot at this stage:

Once this is stable, I’m going to do a pull-request to the original repo and ask to push it to NPM.

I realised it would be really useful to have a per artwork setting to allow launching Processing sketches in fullscreen. Depending on the sketches code, it doesn’t always make sense to go fullscreen while in some cases, it would be great. I saw the extension describes a config property to pass config parameters like fill, fit or stretch. That sounds like what I would need to use, but how does this work in practice? At the moment I don’t see a way to add this on the web app. Is there any other way to add a configuration to the artwork?