Release of VLC extension

I’ve just published a VLC extension for Openframe.

VLC handles a lot of different file formats including:

  • most video files

  • most image files

  • most audio files

  • Vimeo URLs

  • Youtube URLs

It also supports streaming. Large videos play straight away and don’t need to be downloaded first.

Images are a bit experimental at this stage, but everything else seems to work very well.

You can find install instructions here:

Really nice,
extension installed successfully but I had no luck to get to work so far.

Vimeo-Link only played audio with black screen, 2 Youtube test clips also showed black screen.

Just tested mp4, which plays fine with the standard player but with openframe-vlc also just black.

Any idea what I’m doing wrong?

Thank you,


Hi Kay,

thanks for testing the extension. I’m sorry you are experiencing difficulties.

Could you please open an issue on Github and get back with the following?

  • your Raspberry Pi version (written on the board)

  • your Raspian version (“cat /etc/os-release”)

  • your VLC version (“vlc --version”)

  • some artworks/URLs to test with

I’ve tested it with Rasbian Buster and VLC 3.0.8 on a Pi 3B.



Hi Jerry,
just opened that issue on Github.

Thank you,