Slideshow stops

Hi community.

I’ve finally managed to finish my setup with a Raspberry Pi Zero W running the open frame software. I even built a custom frame and I’m pretty happy with how far I’ve come.

I’ve managed to install the slideshow extensions, and it seems to work fine for a while, until it doesn’t - after some time it simply stops rotating my artwork (mostly video). Video is still running it’s just not switching.

Any idea on what might course this? Can I see what’s going on behind the scene? Is it running out of memory, storage or something third?

Thank you in advance.

On further expection it actually seems like I’m loosing the connection to my Raspberry Pi. So. I need to figure out a way for it to reconnect once the connection is dropped. Any ideas?

How are you hosting your images for the slideshow? I’ve tried Dropbox and Google Photos but can’t seem to get those to work correctly.