Support for animated GIFs

I’ve seen that you guys have been working on animated GIF support: This would be a really nice feature!

What’s the status of this?


We never got beyond experimentation with this. Goal was to find a gif player that didn’t require a browser, which we did find (can’t remember off-hand what it was?), but it didn’t allow us to fill the screen or do some of the other manipulations we wanted. Would definitely be cool, and could be done with Chromium if nothing else… but a cli based GIF player would be ideal.

I had a quick look for a CLI based GIF player. Couldn’t find any either. I think doing this based on Chromium is better than nothing. I could give this one a go based on the website extension.

What would be the best way to reuse the existing code and keeping the developments in it in sync, doing a fork of the website extension and pulling updates back into it as they get committed?

You could fork the website extension and then modify it, creating your own GIF extension. Even if it uses chromium, would be better to keep it separate so that in the future the GIF format isn’t coupled to the Website format… if a good cli GIF player comes along, the you could just swap it out.

There are docs about setting up a dev environment:

They should be mostly up-to-date, as not a lot has changed in the past couple years :/.

Last year I had to play gifs on a raspberry pi and the only working solution I found was this: It still as a few issues but it does play gifs without having to load the whole desktop.

(if you’re interested you can read about my other attempts here )

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Hi @hellocatfood,

Thanks for recommending FBpyGIF. It looks really good. I’m going to take a look at this when I find more time.

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