Wanting to load images from a web drive

HI there! Thanks for setting this up! I am super excited to use it! I have installed and have the entire thing working, except that I can’t seem to load any personal artwork. My daughter (teenager) is an artist, and I wanted to setup this for her to show off her work, as most of it is digital anyway. She keeps all her art on a google drive and I would LOVE to point the openframe to the google drive and let it cycle through the art if finds in the folder. Any way to do this? My programming skills are basic, so I"m not sure I can program it myself.

Hi Jennifer! Sorry for the slow response.

You should be able to achieve most of what you want without programming. It’s not quite as simple as dropping images in a folder and having Openframe loop through them (though with some programming work, this could be possible!).

First, I don’t think that Google Drive can serve images directly, which is a requirement… you need to be able to access/download the image directly via the Artwork Url that is provided to Openframe. So you’ll need to use another service to host the images (any webserver, amazon S3, maybe dropbox?).

Second, at present you’ll need to add each Artwork in the Openframe web app. For each artwork, the Artwork URL should point to the direct URL of the image.

Then finally on your Raspberry Pi you can install the Openframe-Slideshow extension by typing openframe -i openframe-slideshow. When you start up your frame, it will now cycle through all the Artworks that you’ve added in your account.

Hope this helps!