I was wondering if a good way to add content conveniently to your library would be a web content clipper? Like Evernote Webclipper https://evernote.com/intl/en/features/webclipper or Pinterest Save Button https://help.pinterest.com/en/article/save-pins-with-the-pinterest-browser-button which are both extensions for the browser.

That’s probably a big job but I would like to consider a unified interface that supports multiple websites/services. Like the book of shaders editor could be one of them. At the moment the code for this sits within the editor website itself but if we could extract the necessary information from the website and push it to Openframe we could support a lot more websites without bothering their maintainers.

Any thoughts?

Yeah, a bookmarklet or chrome plugin that allows you to quickly add an artwork or push directly to a frame would be great. We’ve thought about this, and did some initial experimentation, but never completed anything. Would love to see someone work on it! You could use the openframe js client to build something like this.

Would you mind sharing the code? I would like to continue with this. Thanks.

I’m not sure I could find it — we just did some initial tests with building a chrome plugin, didn’t get far enough to warrant a repo.