🙌 Working: Raspberry Pi 3B + Raspian Buster + USB Multitouch

I can confirm that Openframe is working on Raspberry Pi 3B running latest Raspian Buster installed via Raspberry Pi Imager. The display I’m using is a “FUJITSU Display E24-9 TOUCH”.

I’ve recognised the “Getting started” guide of the Openframe docs is still not entirely up to date. Will make those smaller changes later. [EDIT: Done!]

I’ve installed from the current master branch using a modified install script:
bash -c "$(curl https://gist.githubusercontent.com/jvolker/7be85a005b98fbd40b793d13b7250a44/raw/)"

Tested successfully:

Issues found:

Also … it is much slower than I expected. :confused: It’s mostly interactive stuff like Processing, Websites, etc that is slow. I remember loading times generally be a lot faster when I used to test with the Pi 4.

Not sure if this has to do with the resolution. Maybe decreasing the GPU memory would help? I’m currently at 512MB and this Pi only has 1024MB.

I might dig into this later …